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Black Lives Matter statement from the SPTI directors

Black Lives Matter statement from the SPTI directors

by Amanda Ackroyd -
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We are writing to express how appalled and disturbed we have been by the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We recognise that the murder in Minneapolis has shone a light not only on systemic racism in the US, but also its presence in the UK and we stand with those who have gathered in the UK as well as in the US to protest against racial injustice in all its forms. In particular, we extend our support to our Black and Minority Ethnic members who will feel the impact of these events most keenly, raising, as they are likely to, personal memories of instances of discrimination or racial abuse.

We want to assure you that our commitment to Equality and Diversity as stated in our Policy (see and in the relevant section of the Student Handbooks (see  remains strong – as witness our choice of this area of SPTI activity to improve this year. We recognise that discrimination remains endemic in our society and are committed to addressing unconscious bias at every level of the Institute, with both students and staff, and this year have reviewed training programmes and hosted a training event for staff in order to improve this. We also recognise that we, and other white members of our Institute, come from a place of privilege and that striving for racial equality requires the commitment of all of us, whatever our ethnicity. We remain committed to supporting and dialoguing with the BAME Forum, as a practical way of expressing our commitment to learning and growing in understanding and to enabling as safe and inclusive an environment as possible for all our members.

Yours sincerely 

Alison Fookes and Ruth Layzell